Core Values

Core Values of Millersburg Mennonite Church

Accepted by Consensus on October 16, 2005

Members and friends of Millersburg Mennonite church meet with one another to worship, to encourage one another toward love and good deeds, and to concretely demonstrate the love God has extended to us and our relationship with Jesus Christ. In doing so, we share certain core values, the common beliefs which inspire our ministry and activities. These core values are as follows (listed in random order);

1. We recognize the critical importance of our fellowship together. Building relationships is necessary for spiritual growth and is basic to being able to give and receive counsel and to otherwise listen and tend to one another’s needs, both physical and spiritual. We seek a fellowship that promotes personal growth and strengthens families. We find a richness in our fellowship and wish to extend it to others.

2. We consider the study of scripture to be essential. God’s Word has historical basis but speaks to each generation and to each person. We want to apply God’s Word to our daily lives and desire to provide opportunities to enhance each persons’ spiritual growth, including group study, discussion, prayer and the preaching of God’s Word.

3. We value the teachings of our Anabaptist roots and our association with the larger Mennonite Church. We affirm the Anabaptist/Mennonite emphasis on nonresistance, love, service and discipleship.  We participate in the Mennonite Church USA structures and make ourselves available to 0pportunities for service, evangelism, education and missions. We appreciate the teaching and information from the broader Mennonite Church which connect us to believers around the world.

4. We value praising and worshiping with all our gifts. Music, drama and other arts are important ways to worship together and serve as opportunities to offer our first fruits to God. We value drawing both young and old, established Christian and seeker into adoration and praise. We understand differences in worship style to be part of the richness of our life together, and attempt to experience that richness each Sunday.

5. We pursue peaceful and nonviolent ways of thinking and living. Jesus came to bring peace and told us to love our enemies. This means we must use loving ways to demonstrate and bring about God’s kingdom, both near and far.

6 We believe in shared leadership. We encourage a variety of persons to serve in the leadership roles of our group and respect those who have accepted a role as a servant leader among us. We endeavor to use group processes that promote cooperation and dialogue. We realize that listening is more important than speaking and that prayer and openness to the Spirit moving among us must be the foundation for our decision making.

7. We appreciate and seek diversity in our group. Differences in age, race, culture, education and vocation help us understand the many gifts given by God. We believe this diversity serves as a source of strength. God’s invitation is extended to all, and we wish to honor and reflect that diverse range of invitation. We seek to be a haven for those who are seekers or who feel spiritually disenfranchised.

8. We desire to bring others to Christ. We express this desire by our support of the local, national and international mission efforts of our denomination and by attempting to be an outreaching and inviting congregation. We believe that if we build relationships with others we may be able to communicate the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

We are all servants. Jesus has provided us with the best model for our lives, service to others in all we do, in both our vocation and free time. Servant-hood includes a commitment to simplicity, the sharing of our material wealth and resistance to the consumptive practices encouraged by our culture.

Download a PDF version of our Core Values…: Core Values MMC